Iconoclast Sports Boots come in black and white.  Many of our customers have dyed boots to match their tack. Below are some photos and methods used.

Using Rit Dye on Iconoclast Sports Boots per Sarah (Iconoclast Customer)


Pictured left are Iconoclast boots dyed by Sarah.  Sarah was kind enough to share her method of dying the Iconoclast boots with us.

 Thank you Sarah for sharing this info with us!



Pictured left are a pair of boots dyed pink by another customer.  Share your pics on our facebook page.  facebook.com/IconoclastSportsBoots


Washing machine method.  If you go onto the Rit Dye website http://www.ritdye.com/  there other methods are listed.


1.   Fill machine with enough hot water for sports boots to move freely. Add liquid dye to hot water. (I used liquid not the powder so I do not know how well the powder works) 


* As a side note this dye works fast so I recommend gloves J


2.  Pre-soak sports boots in hot water before you put them in to the washing machine.  I recommend folding the Velcro pieces to stick to the inside of the boot so that the boot will dye evenly.

3.  Once you add the boots to the washing machine you can start the wash cycle.  The website says to leave in the wash cycle for 30 minutes but my wash cycle was only 15 minutes and the dye was perfect.  I added one cup of salt to increase the vibrancy of the color.


* Rit has a few basic colors of dye that make the dyeing process very simple.  If you do not like any of these colors they have a color chart that you can use to create a color and it lists the colors and amounts of dye you will need to mix in order to achieve that color http://www.ritdye.com/colorit_color_formula_guide.


* The Velcro pieces and the lining around the boots will dye differently then rest of the boot because the fabric is different so you will have a two-toned look.  The bell boots are also a different fabric and these will dye a shade or two lighter than the fabric of your sports boots.  You can always leave the bell boots in the dye longer to achieve a deeper shade.


4.    Rinse the sports boots in cold water until the water runs clear.



5.    Dry boots in dryer or hang to dry.



6.    Clean washing machine using highest water level with hot water, detergent and 1 cup chlorine bleach using complete wash cycle. Clean lint traps. Plastic or rubber machine parts may be tinted but will not stain laundry.