Extra Tall Hind Boot Price: $90.00

The new Extra Tall boot is made specifically to address vertical loading to the upper suspensory ligament of the hind leg.
Many horses need extra support during what is termed vertical loading. This happens when horses are exposed to difficult maneuvers while the hock is in a full flexed position ie: stops, backing, deep turns, jumps, full stride, etc. This loading from above is applying vertical force to the hock joints and the soft tissue of the lower limb. Since the suspensory ligament attaches at the top of the cannon bone just below the lower hock joints it can become challenged with vertical load forcesfrom above.
The extra height of this new boot will help to save the upper suspensory ligament from injury during hard stops and deep, quick turns, etc.
Normally protective leg boots have three upper straps for attachment, the new Iconoclast ET has four upper and two lower sling straps. This new design will afford the ultimate in proper support to the hind limbs.